Who honors himself dishonors worldly things.

•    (The position of) patience in faith is like that of the head in the body, and he who has no patience has no faith.
•    It has been written in the Bible: ‘Seek not the knowledge of what you do not do until you do what you come to know. If knowledge is not put into practice, it increases its possessor nothing except unbelief and remoteness from God.
•    All good is in man’s safeguarding his soul.
•    When been slandered by a mean person he said:If I have what you say, I will ask Allah to forgive me. If I do not have what you say, I will ask Allah to forgive you
•    He would secretly carry food on his shoulders for the poor and needy, and whenal-Zuhri asked him; what that is on your back, he said: I am making preparations for a journey. I am preparing provisions for it and carrying them to a secure place
•    The most lovable ways for Allah are two : Repelling rage with clemency and misfortune with forbearance.
•    He has also quoted sayings of his grandfather Ali, the first Shia Imam, which is stated in response to some questions of his companion, Zayd ibn Suhan:
Zayd: “Which authority is the most overcoming and strongest?.
Ali: “Caprice.”
Zayd: “Which lowliness is the most lowly?”
Ali: “Clinging to the world.”
Zayd: “Which poverty is the most intense?”
Ali: “Unbelief after belief.”
Zayd: “Which creed is the most devious?”
Ali: “Unreal creed.”
Zayd: “Which creature is the most miserable?”
Ali: “It is he who sells his world for the world of other than him.”
Zayd: “Which creature is the strongest?”
Ali: “The clement one.”
Zayd: “Which of men is the most clement?”
Ali: “It is he who does not become angry.”
Zayd: “Which of men is the most foolish?”
Ali: “It is he who is deceived by the world, while he sees its changeable conditions.”
Zayd: “ Which catastrophe is the most intense?”
Ali: “The catastrophe in the religion.”